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  • 2011/06/13 10:00 JST
We are pleased to announce that RESTEC has restarted taking your order for ALOS data archived by March 31‚ 2011.
Please note‚ the price structure has changed as follows;

1. International price

There are two kinds of International Prices. Normal Price and Preferred Price.
Please note that there will be no A-use Price /B-use Price any more.
(1) Normal price
JPY50‚000 per scene for standard product(CEOS). This price applies to the users in all the countries except for the 21 Asian countries listed in (2).
(2) Preferred price
JPY25‚000 per scene for standard product(CEOS). This price applies only to the users in the following 21 countries.
Bangladesh‚ Bhutan‚ Brunei‚ Cambodia‚ China‚ East Timor‚ India‚ Indonesia‚ Korea‚ Laos‚ Malaysia‚ Mongolia, Myanmar‚ Nepal‚ Pakistan‚ Philippines‚ Singapore‚ Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

2. RPC option price increased by JPY5‚000 to JPY10‚000

For Example‚ when you buy PRISM L1B2+ RPC‚ the prices per scene are JPY60‚000 for Normal price and JPY35‚000 per scene for Preferred Price.
In order to avoid confusion‚ you are kindly suggested to acquire the "Estimate" or "Proforma-Invoice" with CROSS-EX before placing your purchase order.

3. Delivery time will be longer than before.

Now, revised price lists are available at the top page.

Thank you and best regards‚