Value Added Products PALSAR Global Orthorectified Mosaic Dataset (PGM)

●Introducing RESTEC’s new PALSAR Global Orthorectified Mosaic Dataset

This image was created by conducting color combination in a PGM product.

This is a PALSAR Data Set that carries out ortho-correction and mosaic processing, with a resolution of 10m or 25m, enabling worldwide coverage. The data is in tile units (1 degree, per polarized wave).
Note: Intellectual property rights for this product belong to the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). RESTEC has developed this product under contract to JAXA, and RESTEC and distributors own the selling rights.

  Special features:    
  radar images that are unaffected by the weather   Because ortho-correction has been implemented, data can be superimposed on map
  coverage of the entire world (same observation conditions in almost the same time frame, June to October)   mosaic images, avoiding lines connecting separate images
  high-precision images (10m/25m) (※4)

●Unique features of this product
  It enables the provision of data for only the necessary areas of interest throughout the world.
  It makes it easy to superimpose data on map data such as those utilizing GIS.
  Frequently encountered problems with SAR have been resolved, and the PALSAR Global Ortho Mosaic Dataset makes it much easier to decipher features such as mountains.
  This product is made to the same high standard throughout the world, enabling interannual comparison under the same conditions (Asc. Mode, 34.3°, FBD observation mode)

●On product expansion samples

Pixel spacing 10m product (HH)


Pixel spacing 10m product (HV)

This shows a man-made structure (airport) (approx. 5km²).

●Size of a Tile
  10m product:11,132 columns×11,132 lines
However, in certain areas (latitude 60 degrees and above), 5 degrees by 5 degrees
  25m product: 4,500 columns×4,500 lines
However, in certain areas (latitude 60 degrees and above): 5,566 columns×5,566 lines

1 degree (lat.), equivalent to approx. 100 km

1 degree (lat.), equiv. to approx.
100 km near the Equator

●Optional service: color combination
  Color combination is conducted using two files included in a PGM product. By expressing differences through color, it is possible to depict the conditions of the earth’s surface in greater detail.


Color combination is conducted on two files included in a PGM product. Using different colors for expression of the image enables you to depict the features of the earth’s surface in more detail.

Man-made structures Nature

Example of a man-made structure (airport) (approx. 5km sq.) It is possible to understand the state of the ground cover, etc.

Example of natural bodies (rivers, rice paddies) (approx. 5km sq.) The distinction between land areas and water areas can be utilized.

  Product Description Global Mosaic Dataset with ortho-processing completed,
Off-nadir angle: 34.3 degrees
Mainly uses DEM: SRTM-3(90m grid) for ortho-correction
A mosaic dataset based on JERS SAR(1992-1998)is also available.
  Pixel spacing for both latitude and longitude,
approx. 0.32 seconds (equivalent to10m latitude)
for both latitude and longitude,
approx. 0.8 seconds (equivalent to 25m latitude)
In regions with a latitude of 60 degrees or more, latitude of approx. 3.2 seconds, longitude of approx. 3.2 seconds
  Geometric accuracy 13m RMSE (1σ) Comparison with position of corner reflector determined by GPS *1
  Radiometric accuracy backscatter coefficient 0.76dB (1σ)
(*3 accuracy for original data)
Inter-path brightness differential when using mosaic minimized *1
  Slope correction on/off (selection possible)*2 Choose either ‘on’ or ‘off’
  Geodetic coordinate system ITRF97 Ellipsoid: GRS8, Geoid: EGM96
  Map projection equal latitude/longitude projection    
  Observation date discrimination per pixel possible The total number of days from the day of the launch is recorded, by pixel, in the observation day file.
  Purchase unit latitude 1 degree × longitude 1 degree near the Equator, approx. 100km square
in some regions that use 10m products (latitude of 60 degrees or more), service is provided in units of 5 degrees×5 degrees
  Data format GeoTIFF World file (*.twf) is not included
It is also possible to provide service via raw data and ENVI header files.
  Reference paper (*1) Mosaic image compilation in general: Shimada, M. and Ohtaki, T., Generating Large-Scale High-Quality SAR Mosaic Datasets: Application to PALSAR Data for Global Monitoring., IEEE J. OF SELECTED TOPICS IN APPL. EARTH OBS. AND REMOTE SENS., PP.637-656, VOL3., NO.4, DEC, 2010
    (*2) Ortho-conversion and geometric precision: Shimada, M., Ortho-Rectification and Slope Correction of SAR Data Using DEM and Its Accuracy Evaluation., IEEE J. OF SELECTED TOPICS IN APPL. EARTH OBS. AND REMOTE SENS., PP.657-671, VOL3., NO4, DEC, 2010
    (*3) PALSAR CALVAL in general: Shimada, M., et. Al., PALSAR Radiometric and Geometric Calibration, IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, PP.3915-3932, Issue 12, 2009

●Product file composition (GeoTIFF-format products)
  No. File Remarks
  HH polarized wave image ・ World file (*.twf) not included
  HV polarized wave image ・ It is also possible to provide service via raw data and ENVI header files.
  Observation day data Total number of days, counting the day of the satellite launch as No. 1
  Angle of incidence data The angle formed by the slope gradient and the incident direction of the beam
  Mask data 0: effective data, 50: water regions such as oceans
100: layover, 150: shadow, 255: normal
●Product Availability
  Year(※) Resolution Polarization
(0.32 sec)
25m (※4)
(0.8 sec)
  2010   PALSAR FBD34.3 (HH/HV)
  1992-1998   JERS-1 SAR (HH)
Filling gaps with different year data may be possible.

●Price list
  Sales unit Resolution:10m Resolution:25m (※4)
  1×1 degree 70,000 yen 35,000 yen
  Polygon specified(※1) 100,000 yen/10,000㎢ 50,000 yen/10,000㎢
  National unit Please contact to our customer service section.
※1. In the case of polygon specified, the minimum scale of order is 1 tile including polygon (1×1 degree).
※2. We offer a discount when multiple sets are ordered: 50% off for the second set, 75% off for the third set.
Example of multiple set order: If purchasing resolution 10m, 1 tile (1 degree × 1 degree) for year 2009: 70,000 yen; and for same place, for year 2007: 35,000 yen
  We will provide an estimate on request.
※3. In regard to the optional comparative images of HH polarized waves and HV polarized waves, and color combination images, please consult us separately.
※4. We suspended the sale of PGM(Resolution25m)products.