Value Added Products ALOS Ortho Series “Ortho-Pro”

●What is ALOS Ortho Series “Ortho-Pro”?

ALOS Ortho Series “Ortho-Pro” is a very precise orthorectified imagery. The product is characterized by its high spatial resolution of 2.5m, high geo-location accuracy and consistent cloudless data. It is highly suited to base geographic dataset for mapping and Geographic Information System (GIS). Until march 2013 we have been providing the product of East Asia, and since April 2013 we are providing the product for whole world area.

  ●Resolution 2.5m (Pan-sharpen) or 10m (AVNIR-2)
  ●Sales Unit 1 scene or Square specification area (mosaic)
  ●Band 4 bands (RGB + NIR) / 3 bands (RGB)
  ●Geolocation accuracy 10m@CE90 (2.5m resolution) /15m@CE90 (10m resolution)
  ●Format GeoTIFF
  ●Geographic coordinates Latitude Longitude (WGS84) / UTM (WGS84)

CE90: Circular error with 90 % confidence

●Sample Gallery

Yangon, Myanmar

  Product name Ortho-Pro (Pan-sharpen) Ortho-Pro (AVNIR-2)
  Resolution 2.5m 10m
  Price 120,000 JPY/ scene 65,000 JPY/ scene