■ On-demand Products
  Products listed below are available on request basis. Related service is also available on request.
On-demand Products Additional data with vector information Administration area lines with vector information
Cutting out service of requested area City, Town, Village, or Prefecture basis etc
3D Image Bird's eye view etc.
Movies Quick-time movies. Panorama etc.
DEM Digital Elevation Model
Analysis Service Vagetation Index data NDVI, Texture detection
Thematic Data Vegetation, Classified tables etc, Land Coverage
Alteration Extracted Data Urban Development, Finding environment change
SAR Interferometry Stripe Interference, Extraction of DSM data
Consultation and user-support Work support Carrying out support work suitable for users needs
■ ALOS Viewer
  RESTEC has developed The ALOS viewer. You can download it below.
This viewer's functions are not only to display the imagery but to measure distance and area, and to show the range of the picutre on the map.

ALOS Viewer (ZIP file:524KB)

* This viewer cannot read direct ALOS data from the media such as CD-ROMs. You should move ALOS data to your PC before using this viewer.
Sample Data